Roberta de Monticelli speaks to the press

20 apr 2020 11:50 - 11:55

Roberta De Monticelli is 2019-2020 Paris IAS Fellow, Professor of Philosophy of Personality at San Raffaele University, Milan, Italy. She was Professor of Modern and Contemporary Philosophy at the University of Geneva (1989-2004) and doctoral student of Sir Michael Dummett in Oxford (at Wolfson College).

In April, she is speaking in various journals and publications in the light of her discipline, philosophy, on the management and impacts of the current health crisis.

- Reasons for Europe : "Democracy and its values in pandemic’s times. A short set of axiological questions for an inquiry into our future"

- Le Huffington Post : "Siamo stati fatti prigionieri senza avere contezza di ciò che sta accadendo"

- Avvenire :
«È la cultura che vince la sfida», see attached pdf

Values in the Flesh. A Phenomenology of Value Qualities
01 September 2019 - 30 June 2020
20 Apr 2020 11:55
Roberta De Monticelli
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