Volition, Agency, Responsibility

18 may 2016 15:00 - 30 may 2016 18:00
Institut d'études avancées de Paris
Hôtel de Lauzun
17 quai d'Anjou
75004 Paris

Mercredi 18 mai 15h-18h
Mercredi 25 mai 15h-18h
Lundi 30 mai 15h-18h

Séminaire doctoral organisé par Patrick Haggard, résident de l'IEA de Paris, les mercredi 18 et 25 mai, et le lundi 30 mai 2016, de 15h à 18h.


In the context of the 2016 Prix Jean Nicod lectures, Patrick Haggard proposes a series of three advanced seminars to debate the issues of volition, agency and responsibility. The seminar is targeted at selected PhD students and early career researchers (postdocs) in cognitive science, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and related disciplines.  It will involve a combination of interactive discussion and debate, beginning with independent critical commentary on the preceding Jean Nicod lecture (which take place on 17, 20, 24 and 27 May), and selected assigned readings.

Neurobiological knowledge and human nature
01 May 2016 - 31 May 2016
30 May 2016 18:00
Patrick Haggard
Seminars and Summerschools
Contemporary period (1789-…)
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