Accompanied by a Great Number of Their Friends : Warrior Nobles and Amitié during the French Wars of Religion


Brian Sandberg, "'Accompanied by a Great Number of Their Friends': Warrior Nobles and Amitié during the French Wars of Religion", dans Amyrose McCue Gill, Sarah Rolfe Prodan (éd.), Friendship and Sociability in Premodern Europe: Contexts, Concepts, and Expressions, Toronto, CRRS, 2014.

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Friendship and Sociability in Premodern Europe explores ideas and instances of friendship in premodern Europe through a series of investigations into amity in discrete social and cultural contexts related to some of the most salient moments and expressions of European history and civilization: the courtly love tradition, Renaissance humanism; the spread of syphilis; the Reformation, the Counter-Reformation (and the attendant confessionalization and wars of religion); Jesuit missions; the colonization of America; and, lastly, expanding trade patterns in the Age of Discovery. The essays progress thematically as well as logically with the goal of providing a panoramic view of friendship and sociability in premodern Europe rather than a comprehensive history or unified theory of premodern friendship. Each paper presents an element of novelty – a revised or adapted concept, tradition, or strategy of social and interpersonal relating in the premodern world.

Un Courage viril. Le genre et la violence en France pendant les Guerres de Religion
01 October 2014 - 30 June 2015
30 June 2015
Brian Sandberg,Brian Sandberg
Modern period (1492-1789)
Western Europe
Brian Sandberg