An opportunity for a new development model in China?


Zhiyuan Cui, An opportunity for a new development model in China? in Notes | Analyses N°3 - Eurics, Mai 2020.


“National governments can pump [money] into the economy as much as they need.” These words are those of Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, announcing on 20 March 2020 the suspension of European budge-tary rules. A few months ago, one would only have imagined a radical politician or economist considering such a response. But as French President Emmanuel Macron recently pointed out in an interview with the Financial Times, with
the COVID-19 crisis, “We all face the profound need to invent something new, because that is all we can do (…) We are all embarking on the unthinkable.”

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Arendt’s Endorsement of “Soviets” and Its Implications for Contemporary Democratic Theory and Practice
17 February 2020 - 01 April 2020
Zhiyuan Cui
Zhiyuan Cui