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Omar Gueye

May 68 in Senegal: Senghor Facing Workers
01 January 2012 -
30 June 2012

Professor of History at Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, Omar Gueye holds a PhD in Modern and Contemporary History and an MBA in Management of Cultural Heritage. As a Cultural Consultant, he has accumulated diverse experiences as a former high school teacher, former Fulbright Scholar at the University of Michigan, and also as a member of various organisations and research centres, such as the ICOM (International Council of Museums) and WARA (West African Research Association). A specialist in labour and social history, he has dedicated almost all his works to the labour question in post-war French West Africa: the evolution of unionism, the Senegalese general strikes and the passing of the Labour Code for the French overseas territories. Omar Gueye is currently working on May ‘68 in Senegal and the interaction between unionists and politics, through Leopold Sedar Senghor’s political career.

The research project focuses on the relationship between Leopold Sedar Senghor and the world of work. My goal is to write a book that examines the role of the workplace in Senghor’s political career, from his alliance with the railway workers in 1948 that meant his entry into political activities, until the teachers’ dispute of SUDES-union in 1980 which coincided with his retirement from political life, with a main focus in the worldwide “May 68” in Senegal. It also gives the opportunity to study the connection of local trade unionism in the global trend, the relationships between Metropolis and colonies, the post-colony issues, and the meeting of several generations of workers with Senghor, one of the most outstanding personalities of the twentieth century.
This study will build on the following assumptions: (1) the world of work is the sociological basis as well as the gravedigger for the power of Senghor; (2) the alliance of Senghor and the workers needs to be understood in the general context of peoples’ struggle for democracy and freedoms; (3) May 68 was the biggest political crisis in Senegal.
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