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Social Passions: The case of Humiliation

21 mai 2020 16:00 - 18:00

E-workshop de Gloria Origgi (CNRS, Institut Nicod - PSL) dans le cadre du cycle « Conversations on values and value experience » organisé par Roberta de Monticelli, résidente chercheuse 2019-2020 de l'IEA de Paris.

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Social passions are a key to access our values. They are strong emotional reactions that reveal our attachment to certain values and the way they are respected or not in a society. In this talk I will make the example of humiliation as a passion that reveals our attachment to the fundamental values of dignity and self-respect. Humiliation is a complex social passion that involves in most cases a humiliator, a victim and a witness. How does humiliation reveal our attachment to human dignity? Can humiliation be a collective emotion? What is the difference between shame, humiliation and embarrassment? Is humiliation a subjective or a normative concept? Humiliation is a “statutory” emotion: it is the feeling of having been debased in our status at the point of losing our dignity, that is, the sense of ourselves as human agents. It is a positional value emotion that provokes strong moral upheavals and can lead to demoralisation, anger and revenge.

Les valeurs dans la peau. Une phénoménologie des qualités de la valeur
01 septembre 2019 - 30 juin 2020
21 Mai 2020 18:00
Roberta De Monticelli
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