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Sacred Necropolitics


Alexei Yurchak, Anya Bernstein, "Sacred Necropolitics", in HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory, vol. 7, n. 2, 2017, pp. 199-216


In this meditation, Anya Bernstein and Alexei Yurchak discuss Yurchak’s essay, “The canon and the mushroom: Lenin, sacredness, and Soviet collapse,” which is published in the current issue. They elaborate on some points in the essay that are central for the understanding of the figure of “Lenin” and its role in Soviet history, take them in new directions, and link them to other topics that are relevant to anthropology. The themes discussed include sacredness and blasphemy; death, resurrection, and immortality; language, intentionality, and responsibility; voice, ventriloquism, and truth; and more.

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Les corps de Lénine. Biochimie des avenirs communistes
01 septembre 2017 - 30 juin 2018
Alexei Yurchak
Anthropologie sociale et ethnologie
Époque contemporaine (1789-...)
Alexei Yurchak, Anya Bernstein