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The Fight in Piccadilly: How False News Went Viral in 1895


Colette Colligan, "The Fight in Piccadilly: How False News Went Viral in 1895"  in The Edinburgh History of the British and Irish Press, Volume 2: Expansion and Evolution, 1800-1900, edited by David Finkelstein.


This is a unique collection of essays examining nineteenth-century British and Irish newspaper and periodical history during a key period of change and development. It covers an important point of expansion in periodical and press history across the four nations of Great Britain (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales), concentrating on cross-border and transnational comparisons and contrasts in nineteenth-century print communication.

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Introduction, David Finkelstein

PART I: Press and Periodical Economics

1. The Economics of Press and Periodical Production, Howard Cox and Simon Mowatt

Case Study 1: Newspapers and Advertising, Peter Robinson

PART II: Production and Distribution

2. Production, Helen S. Williams

Case Study 2: John Cossar & Son and the Govan Press, Helen S. Williams

3. The Evolution of Image-Making Industries and the Mid- to Late Victorian Press, Rose Roberto

PART III: Readership and Distribution

4. Readership and Distribution, Paul Raphael Rooney

PART IV: Identities and Communities

5. Cultural Agents and Contexts: The Professionalisation of Journalism, Joanne Shattock

Case Study 3: New Journalism, Philip March

Case Study 4: Letters to the Editor, Allison Cavanagh

Case Study 5: The Reporter, Stephen Tate

Case Study 6: The Byline, Steve Harrison

PART V: Legal Frameworks

6. Newspapers and the Law in the Nineteenth Century, Tom O’Malley

PART VI: Themed Chapters

7. The English-Language Press in Continental Europe, Diana Cooper-Richet

8. Transnational Exchanges, M. H. Beals

Case Study 7: The Fight in Piccadilly: How False News Went Viral in 1895, Colette Colligan

Case Study 8: Transnational Exchange between British and Swedish Periodicals in the 1830s, Cecilia Wadsö Lecaros

Case Study 9: An Imperial Ideology of News: News Values and Reporting about Japan in Colonial India, Amelia Bonea

Case Study 10: The Steamship Press: An International Conduit of Information and Imperial Masculinity, Paul Raphael Rooney

Case Study 11: The Russian Emigre Press, Helen S. Williams

9. Literary and Review Journalism, Joanne Wilkes

10. ‘One language is quite sufficient for the mass’: Metropolitan Journalism, the British State and the ‘Vernacular’ Periodical Press in Wales, 1840–914, Aled Gruffydd Jones

11. The Scottish Gaelic Press, Sheila M. Kidd

12. The Irish-Language Press: ‘A tender plant at the best of times’?, Regina Uí Chollatáin

13. The Nineteenth-Century Denominational Press, Joan Allen

Case Study 12: The Irish Ecclesiastical Gazette, Ian d’Alton

14. Comics, Cartoons and the Illustrated Press, Elizabeth Tilley

15. The Satirical Press, Michael de Nie

16. The Medical Press and Its Public, Sally Frampton

17. Science and the Press, Alex Csiszar

Case Study 13: ‘Fellows that never knew each other’: Natural History Periodicals, Matthew Wale

18. The Business Press, Melissa Score

19. The Press and Radical Expression: Structure and Dissemination, Martin Conboy

20. The Political Press, James Thompson

Case Study 14: The Glasgow Herald, James Thompson

Case Study 15: Parnell, Edmund Dwyer Gray and the Press in Ireland, Felix M. Larkin

Case Study 16: The Nation, James Quinn

21. The Trade and Professional Press, Andrew King

Case Study 17: The Book Trade Press, Rachel Calder

Case Study 18: The Armed Services Press, Margery Masterson

22. The Leisure and Hobby Press, Christopher A. Kent

Case Study 19: Galleries without Walls: Art and the Mechanical Mass Culture of the Press, Michael Bromley and Karen Hasin-Bromley

23. The Sporting Press, Joel H. Wiener

Case Study 20: Sport Reporting in the Times from 1800 to 1900, Jessie Wilkie

24. The Children’s Press, Frederick S. Milton

Case Study 21: Children and the News, Siân Pooley

25. The Women’s Press, Kathryn Ledbetter

26. The Provincial, Local and Regional Press, Andrew J. H. Jackson

Case Study 22: The Provincial Nature of the London Letter, Andrew Hobbs

Case Study 23: William Saunders and the Industrial Supply of News in the Late Nineteenth Century, Andrew Hobbs

Case Study 24: The Irish Times: ‘The Protestant and Conservative daily newspaper’, Mark O’Brien

Key Press and Periodical Events Timeline, 1800–1900



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01 septembre 2019 - 30 juin 2020
Colette Colligan
Colette Colligan