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The ‘Roman de la Rose' and Thirteenth-Century Thought


Jonathan Morton, Marco Nievergelt, The ‘Roman de la Rose' and Thirteenth-Century Thought, Cambridge University Press, 2020.


The thirteenth-century allegorical dream vision, the Roman de la Rose, transformed how medieval literary texts engaged with philosophical ideas. Written in Old French, its influence dominated French, English and Italian literature for the next two centuries, serving in particular as a model for Chaucer and Dante. Jean de Meun's section of this extensive, complex and dazzling work is notable for its sophisticated responses to a whole host of contemporary philosophical debates. This collection brings together literary scholars and historians of philosophy to produce the most thorough, interdisciplinary study to date of how the Rose uses poetry to articulate philosophical problems and positions.

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Allegory, Hermeneutics and Epistemology
01 septembre 2015 - 30 juin 2016
30 juin 2016
Marco Nievergelt
Marco Nievergelt, Jonathan Morton