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What the Science of Morality Doesn’t Say about Morality


Gabriel Abend, "What the Science of Morality Doesn’t Say about Morality", dans Perspectives, n° 12, hiver 2014-2015, p. 6-8.


Extrait de l'article :

In recent years scientists have devoted increasing efforts to the study of morality. As neuroscientist Moll and his colleagues (2003, p. 299) say, “morality has been at the center of informal talks and metaphysical discussions since the beginning of history. Recently, converging lines of evidence from evolutionary biology, neuroscience and experimental psychology have shown that morality is grounded in the brain.” In this article I ask what exactly this new science of morality can and can’t claim to have discovered about morality; what it can and can’t tell us about morality on the basis of the work it has done. I argue that the object of study of much recent work is not morality, but a particular kind of individual moral judgment.


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Neurosciences sociales et morales : une enquête sociologique
01 octobre 2013 - 30 juin 2014
30 juin 2014
Gabriel Abend
Histoire, philosophie et sociologie des sciences
Époque contemporaine (1789-...)
Monde ou sans région
Gabriel Abend