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Legal Services and Digital Infrastructures: A New Compass for Better Governance


Daniela Piana, Legal Services and Digital Infrastructures: A New Compass for Better Governance, Routledge, cop. 2021, 152 p


This book seeks to provide and promote a better understanding and a more responsive and inclusive governance of the automation and digital devices in public institutions, particularly the law and justice sector.

Concerns related to AI design and use have been exacerbated recently with the recognition of the discriminatory potential that can be embedded into AI applications in public service institutions. This book examines issues relating to the assigning of responsibility in a public service produced and delivered on the basis of an automated mechanism. It encourages critical thinking about the legal services and the justice institutions as they are transformed by AI and automation. It raises awareness as to the prospect of transformation we face in terms of responsibility and of agency and the need to design a citizen-centered and human rights compliant system of technology assessment and AI monitoring and evaluation.

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Au-delà de l’État de droit. Les dimensions sociales de la légalité dans une perspective européenne et comparative
01 octobre 2017 - 30 juin 2018
Daniela Piana
Daniela Piana