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Human Rights and Social Control


Joachim J. Savelsberg, Brooke Chambers, “Human Rights and Social Control”, in Mathieu Deflem (éd.), The Handbook of Social Control, Hoboken, Wiley Blackwell, 2019, pp. 442-455

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An essential resource that contains a contemporary overview of the concept of social control and its main approaches

The Handbook of Social Control offers a comprehensive review of the concepts of social control in today’s environment and focuses on the most relevant theories associated with social control. With contributions from noted experts in the field across 32 chapters, the depth and scope of the Handbook reflects the theoretical and methodological diversity that exists within the study of social control. Chapters explore various topics including: theoretical perspectives; institutions and organizations; law enforcement; criminal justice agencies; punishment and incarceration; surveillance; and global developments.

This Handbook explores a variety of issues and themes on social control as being a central theme of criminological reflection. The text clearly demonstrates the rich heritage of the major relevant perspectives of social control and provides an overview of the most important theories and dimensions of social control today.

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