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Roots of brutality


Laura Spinney, "Roots of brutality", dans New Scientist, n° 3047, 14 novembre 2015.

Article au sujet du Syndrome E et les travaux d'Itzhak Fried sur la question ainsi que le colloque "The Brains that pull the Triggers", organisé à l'IEA de Paris les 28 et 29 avril 2015.

Extrait de l'article

"Why would an apparently normal young adult drop out of college and turn up some time later in a video performing a cold-blooded execution in the name of jihad? It’s a conundrum we have been forced to ponder ever since a group calling itself ISIS declared war on infidels. But 70 years ago we were asking something similar of guards in Nazi concentration camps – and, sadly, there have been plenty of opportunities to ponder the matter in between.

What turns an ordinary person into a killer? The idea that a civilised human being might be capable of barbaric acts is so alien that we often blame our animal instincts – the older, “primitive” areas of the brain taking over and subverting their more rational counterparts. But fresh thinking turns this long-standing explanation on its head. It suggests that people perform brutal acts because the “higher”, more evolved, brain overreaches. The set of brain changes involved has been dubbed Syndrome E – with E standing for evil."

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International interdisciplinary conference convened by Itzhak Fried, fellow of the Paris Institute for advanced Studies, with the support of Alain Berthoz, Collège de France.
The Brains that Pull the Triggers
20 septembre 2014 - 20 octobre 2014
20 octobre 2014
Itzhak Fried
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