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The affective, the intellectual, and gender history


Nancy Rose Hunt, "The affective, the intellectual, and gender history", dans The journal of African History, vol. 55, n. 3, novembre 2014, p. 331- 345.


The integration of gender as a vibrant stream within African historical writing suggests a remarkable success story with many prominent historians and fresh thematics involved. Alongside an interest in subjectivities has emerged vigorous attention to the affective, emotions, and the senses. Why affect has emerged now matters. At the same time, new kinds of intellectual histories are burgeoning in the African field, frequently forwarding an unacknowledged masculinity. With the affective and the intellectual seemingly at odds with each other, it is crucial to seek ways to cross and combine them, while remaining alert to methodological perils and innovative forms.

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Nouvelle histoire médicale de la folie en Afrique
01 septembre 2014 - 30 juin 2015
30 juin 2015
Nancy Rose Hunt
Nancy Rose Hunt