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Pia Campeggiani

Chercheur postdoctoral
Université de Bologne
The Passionate Insight: Moral Emotions in Ancient Greece
01 septembre 2018 -
31 janvier 2019
Études classiques

I took my BA and MA degrees in Philosophy at Bologna University and received my PhD in Philosophy of Law from Pisa University in 2013. After that I held a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at Edinburgh University, and worked as a research and teaching fellow at Bologna University. In 2017/2018 I was EURIAS Junior Fellow at the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study in Uppsala. My work centres on the philosophy of emotions, with a special focus on the role of emotions in ancient Greek ethics and poetics. I am particularly interested in exploring the relevance of ancient views for contemporary accounts.

Sujets de recherche

Emotion theory; 4e cognition; ancient Greek theories of emotion; ancient Greek poetics;
Plato’s and Aristotle’s ethics

The Passionate Insight: Moral Emotions in Ancient Greece

My project aims to provide a comprehensive and accurate account of Aristotle’s theory of emotion. Most interpretations of Aristotle’s emotion theory provide us with an essentially disembodied reading of Aristotle’s views of cognitive and affective phenomena. During my stay in Paris, I will address the limitations of existing interpretations and focus on the following two main objectives: (1) to shed light on Aristotle’s conceptualization of emotion as a capacity of living beings by contextualizing it in the wider framework of his theory of cognition; (2) to explore fully the implications of Aristotle’s definition of emotions as ‘enmattered accounts’ not only in his psychology and natural philosophy, but also in his ethics, politics, rhetoric, and poetics.

Communication de P. Campeggiani, résidente 2018-2019 de l'IEA de Paris
18 Oct 2018 09:30 -
18 Oct 2018 10:30,
Zagreb :
Aristotle on Emotions
Table ronde autour de l'ouvrage de D. Konstan (résident 2016-2017 de l'IEA de Paris), avec la participation de P. Campeggiani (résidente 2018-2019 de l'IEA de Paris)
03 Oct 2018 11:00 -
03 Oct 2018 13:00,
Paris :
Affection in ancient Greece and Rome
Communication de P. Campeggiani, résidente 2018-2019 de l'IEA de Paris
28 Sep 2018 14:00 -
28 Sep 2018 17:30,
Paris :
Affective Responses to Normative Significance in Aristotle's Ethics

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