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Commitments related to residency

A residency at Paris IAS is aimed at helping guest researchers carry out their projects, providing the services and assistance they need to free them from daily administrative and practical concerns. Guest researchers must also agree to certain terms.

During their stay, residents agree to spend most of their time in Paris and to take part in the scientific exchanges at the Institute.

They must attend the Institute’s weekly internal seminar, where each guest researcher presents his/her findings.

Researchers must inform Paris IAS of all outside scientific events, conferences, and seminars that they are attending. Researchers must also notify the Institute of their publications, any prizes or awards received, etc.

In their published articles and books, as well as when participating in scientific events outside the Institute, they must indicate that they are guest researchers at Paris IAS.

Following their stay, residents must write a report presenting the research they conducted at Paris IAS.

They must mention the support received from Paris IAS in any later works that build on the research carried out during their stay. They must inform the Institute of any publications, prizes, and awards related directly or indirectly to their research at Paris IAS.