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Selection conditions and criteria

The Paris Institute for Advanced Study welcomes junior and senior researchers from all regions of the world. Residents pursue research projects in the social and human sciences, as well as any field of natural or life sciences, as long as applicants are open to dialogue with other disciplines. Applicants must have at least two years working experience as a researcher after obtaining their PhD. Applications are open to any researcher seeking to take part in the Paris IAS’s internal activities in a spirit of exchange among residents.

The Institute is bilingual (French and English), but some of the scientific and cultural activities it hosts are in French. So applicants should be fluent in English and have at least a good understanding of French.

Paris IAS selects applicants based on how interesting and innovative their research project is, and the quality of their scientific experience. The Institute also gives substantial consideration to applicants’ ability to build ties and collaborate with researchers from the Paris region, notably at its founding members and partner institutions (Universities of Paris 3, 7, 10, Sorbone, Saclay, EHESS, EPHE, ENS Paris, and FMSH).

The Paris IAS attaches great importance to the quality and fairness of its selection process. All applications go through a preselection process by the Institute’s Director and international Scientific Committee. Each preselected application is then evaluated by independent experts. Based on these evaluations, the Scientific Committee deliberates and transmits its recommendations to the Director of the Paris IAS for the final selection.

Eligibility and selection criteria may vary for different Calls for Applications. Please refer to each Call for Applications for details on these conditions.