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Andrew Kahn elected Fellow of the British Academy

19 jul 2019 10:30

Andrew Kahn, professor of russian literature at the University of Oxford and 2018-2019 fellow of the Paris IAS was elected Fellow of the British Academy, the UK's national body for the humanities and social sciences – the study of peoples, cultures and societies, past, present and future.

The Academy has three principal roles: as an independent fellowship of world-leading scholars and researchers; a funding body that supports new research, nationally and internationally; and a forum for debate and engagement – a voice that champions the humanities and social sciences.

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Andrew Kahn, Professor of Russian Literature, is among the world’s leading scholars of Russian literature. He has written on medieval authorship, on twentieth-century poetry, and on much that lies between. The main focus of his research has been poetry, but his studies of poetry extend into, and are informed by, work on intellectual history.

Andrew Kahn said of his fellowship, ‘Great poets are prisms, refracting the ideas and concerns of their world. I am delighted by recognition of my work to understand how the art of these staggering intelligences expresses their engagement with and experience of the world. This news is a true honour, of course, but also humbling, reminding me that many of the Russian writers I have the privilege to study were never honoured in their lifetimes.’

Light in Russia: Studies in Enlightenment Thought
01 September 2018 - 30 June 2019
19 Jul 2019 10:30
Andrew Kahn
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