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COVID-19, Climate Change, and International Law

16 feb 2021 18:00 - 19:00

Lecture by Leslie-Anne Duvic-Paoli, lecturer in law and currently research Fellow at the Paris IAS, as part of the webinar organized by the American Society of International Law.


In common with global climate change, the current COVID-19 pandemic is at once a global and a local crisis. It has sped at shocking speed across the world prompting near unprecedented levels of global and local social disruption. The pandemic has exposed and exacerbated structural inequalities, disrupted local and global economies, challenged our ability to process and respond to science and scientific uncertainty, and revealed both the power and limitations of the rule law. The pandemic both intersects with and intensifies climate-related challenges. The webinar will explore the role of international law and organizations in responding to the pandemic and the deep inequalities it has exposed, and the implications of economic responses for climate mitigation and action.

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Democracy in the global law of energy transitions
01 September 2020 - 30 June 2021
16 Feb 2021 19:00
Leslie-Anne Duvic-Paoli
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