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Crisis of Democracy

13 mar 2017 18:30 - 20:00
Institut d'études avancées de Paris
Hôtel de Lauzun
17 quai d'Anjou
75004 Paris

Round-table organized by Nancy Fraser (chair in “Global Justice Collège d’études mondiales / New School for Social Research) and Dominique Méda (chair “Ecologie, travail, emploi” Collège d’études mondiales / Université Paris Dauphine, Irisso), with the support of the Paris IAS. The round-table is organized within the framework of the workshop “Crisis of Social Reproduction: Struggles over Nature, Community, Democracy and Care”.

Interventions by Chantal Mouffe, Hauke Brunkhorst, and Craig Calhoun
Discussant: Sandra Laugier


The premise of the meeting is that concurrent crises of care, ecology, solidarity, and democracy are deeply intertwined and cannot be adequately understood in isolation from one another. Thus, this workshop propose to assemble them together under the overarching concept of a “crisis of social reproduction” and to probe the relations among them. Topics of interest include but are not limited to: competing conceptions of social reproduction (domestic labor, affective labor, care, assuring and supporting the condition of life in the broad sense, etc.); multiple sites of social reproduction (families, states, civil society, markets, base communities, etc.); multiple threats to social reproduction (crises, commodification, austerity policy, environmental deterioration, militarism, etc.); injustices of social reproduction (relations of gender, class, race, nationality, citizenship, etc), struggles to assure sustainable conditions of life (affinities, antagonisms, solidarities, alliances, etc); and competing visions of “social-reproductive justice.”

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13 Mar 2017 20:00
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