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Danièle Joly wins the W.J.M. Mackenzie Book Prize 2019

16 apr 2019 00:00

Professor Danièle Joly (Collège d'Études Mondiales, MSH Paris) and Dr Khursheed Wadia (University of Warwick) won the Political Studies Association UK WJM Mackenzie prize for "The best book in political science" of 2017-2018. The prize was presented on 16th April 2019, at the PSA's Annual Conference in Nottingham.

“The W.J.M. Mackenzie Book Prize panel has reviewed 12 nominated books. In order to judge the books we have followed the following criteria – a book that makes a major contribution to political studies by advancing disciplinary and interdisciplinary debate through the use of the rigorous methods and analysis leading to original insights. The book should be of the highest quality, internationally recognised and contribute to wider social and political debates of significance for citizens. While many of the books were excellent, arguably representing the healthy state of the discipline, the panel judged that the book that most exemplified these qualities was Joly and Wadia’s Muslim Women and Power: Political and Civic Engagement in European Societies.

The book addressed the question of how Muslim women participate in politics in France and the United Kingdom, drawing on multiple sources of original data from media reports to in-depth interview and structured surveys. The authors bring these data to bear on understanding how Muslim women negotiate ethnic, religious, social and political institutions to create unique forms of engagement. They offer a unique insight into a highly important and topical political problem. The authors make an important intervention to debates within political science, advancing the discipline. Moreover, this book has 'real world' policy relevance to decision makers, citizens and communities alike.”

Women of Muslim Background and Politics in Britain and France
01 October 2011 - 05 May 2012
05 May 2012
16 Apr 2019 00:00
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