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Digital Humanities Experiments (#dhiha6)

11 jun 2015 00:00 - 12 jun 2015 00:00

Institut historique allemand Paris

8,rue du Parc-Royal, 75003 Paris


Colloque organisé avec le soutien de l'European Science Foundation, du Scientific Review Group HUM et de l'IEA de Paris par Claudine Moulin (IEA de Paris / Université de Trier), Mareike König, Suzanne Dumouchel et Lisa Bolz (Institut historique allemand de Paris), Pierre Mounier (OpenEdition) et Anne Baillot (Université Humboldt de Berlin).

Avec deux contributions de résidents de l'IEA de Paris :

  • Claudine Moulin, animation de la table ronde "The value of failure in science"
  • Brian Sandberg, animation de la table ronde " Interdisciplinary experimentations "



This conference addresses the gap between the research culture with which Digital Humanists are equipped via their disciplinary backgrounds and the research culture they foster in this field. Why does experimentation play a crucial role in Digital Humanities? How does it contribute to define the relationship between method and research questions? Can we identify barriers which currently prevent Digital Humanities from developing their
full potential, leaving little room for iteration, comparison or failure? The conference itself is conceived as an experimental set-up with labs, data experiments and round tables.


Jeudi 11 juin 2015

18h : Julianne Nyhan (University College London)

New paths through the histories of digital humanities: uncovering hidden contributions to Busa’s Index Thomisticus

Commentator: Claudia Mueller-Birn (Free University of Berlin) Reception at the DHIP

Vendredi 12 juin 2015

9h :  Welcome, Introduction by the organisers

9h15 : David Chavalarias (ISC-PIF, Paris) What is the social game behind science? Or:

The collective dynamics of science: publish or perish, is that all?

9h45 - 11h : Experimenting discussion: ConverStations

The value of failure in science, table animated by Claudine Moulin (Paris IAS / University Trier)

Research infrastructure as experiments, table animated by Milena Žic Fuchs (ESF)

Digital research and creativity, table animated by Sean Ryder (NUI, Galway)

Interdisciplinary experimentations, table animated by Brian Sandberg (Paris IAS)

Define a protocol, table animated by Suzanne Dumouchel (DHIP)

Citizen digital humanities, table animated by Pierre Mounier (OpenEdition) Two ConverStations on proposal by the audience

11h - 11h30 : Coffee Break

11h30 - 13h : Presentation results of the ConverStations incl. feedback by observers

13h - 14h30 : Luncheon and visit of Lounges: Open Peer Review Lounge, Media Lounge, Secret Lounge

14h30 - 16h : Experiments in Laboratories

Data Laboratory 1: Aggregate, visualize and browse information about researchers and their activities
Lambert Heller (TIB Hannover) and David Chavalarias (ISC-PIF, Paris)

Data Laboratory 2: Open analytical ecosystems for digital humanities Mikko Tolonen and Leo Lahti (both University of Helsinki)

Data Laboratory 3: Texts in a laboratory Jürgen Hermes (University of Cologne)

Data Laboratory 4: Machine translation
Anne Baillot (Humboldt University of Berlin), Mareike König (DHIP) and Petra Šoštarić (University of Zagreb)

16h - 16h30 : Coffee Break

16h30 : Presentation of the Laboratories and Lounges

18h : End of the conference

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Brian Sandberg,Claudine Moulin
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