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Emotions in Plato

17 mar 2017 09:00 - 18:00
Université Paris – Nanterre
Maison de la recherche Max Weber
200 avenue de la République
92000 Nanterre Cedex

David Konstan (Paris IAS fellow) will be discussant within the framework of the workshop "Emotions in Plato / Les émotions chez Platon", organized by Laura Candiotto (University of Edinburgh, Eidyn Center) and Olivier Renaut (Paris-Nanterre University, IREPH).

About the workshop

Emotions have become an important topic of research in Classics, joining historical, anthropological, literary, and philosophical approaches. Specific works on emotions within the ancient philosophical corpus are however unevenly distributed, and studies on the nature and functions of emotions in Plato are still only few. A joint workshop led by Laura Candiotto (University of Edinburgh, Eidyn Centre)  and Olivier Renaut (Paris-Nanterre University, IREPH) is organized with the aim to bridge this gap, exploring the different available approaches on emotions within the Platonic corpus.

On the Margins of Love: Gratitude, Loyalty, and Altruism in the Classical World – and Beyond
01 February 2017 - 30 June 2017
17 Mar 2017 18:00
David Konstan
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