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Intra-Group Tensions After the Fall of Communism

28 mar 2014 11:00 - 12:30

Collège universitaire Campus européen-Europe centrale et orientale à Dijon


Presentation by Natalya Kosmarskaya in the annual Dijon Spring School Eleventh Edition Comparative European Politics
Transitions to Democracy in Europe and Beyond


This module is organized by Olivier Ruchet (Sciences Po Paris),
and Botond Feledy (Szent Ignác Jezsuita Szakkollégium).


Lukas Macek, the Director of the Dijon campus of Sciences Po Paris, carries the administrative responsibility for this eleventh Dijon Spring School.


The 2014 edition of the annual Dijon Spring School is dedicated to a multidisciplinary approach to regime change and democratization in Europe and beyond. While previous editions of the Spring School concentrated on the themes of cultural diversity and identity in the European Union, on the notions of borders in Europe, on the future of integration, on an assessment of the 2004 enlargement, on the issues of migration and integration on the European continent, or on contemporary populist movements, the eleventh series of lectures aims this year at analyzing the transitions to democracy that have occurred in Southern Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, and beyond since the beginning of the ‘Third Wave’ in the 1970s.


A group of eminent international scholars will intervene in a series of lectures and discussions aiming both at painting a clearer picture of the current political trends and dynamics, and at introducing the students to the merits and rewards of academic research.




Co-Ethnics as Unwanted Others Exploring the Origins of Intra-Group Conflict in the Context of Migration and Resettlement
01 February 2014 - 30 June 2014
30 June 2014
28 Mar 2014 12:30
Natalya Kosmarskaya
Talks and lectures
Contemporary period (1789-…)