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Keith Michael Baker

Stanford University
Jean Paul Marat: Prophet of Terror
01 October 2015 - 30 June 2016

Keith Michael Baker is Professor in the Humanities and Professor of History at Stanford University. He has been named Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Palmes Académiques, and is an elected member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and of the American Philosophical Society.
He won in 2014 the American Historical Association lifetime achievement award.
He is involved at Stanford in the Digital Humanities project “Writing Rights” to visualise the evolution of ideas that inform the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, and in a project on the Digital Encyclopédie.

Research interests

Political culture of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution

Key Publications

Condorcet. From Natural Philosophy to Social Mathematics, University of Chicago Press, 1975; paperback ed., 1982.
Inventing the French Revolution : Essays on French Political Culture in the Eighteenth Century, Cambridge University Press, 1990. Partial translation in French : Au tribunal de l’opinion. Essais sur l'imaginaire politique au XVIIIe siècle, Payot, 1993.
Scripting Revolution, co-ed Dan Edelstein, Stanford University Press, 2015.

Marat offers a compelling intellectual challenge: how to make sense of his ideas, his actions, his immense influence, and his still iconic status as one of the most radical and bloodthirsty leaders of the French Revolution. My aim is to contextualize the languages he used to express his sense of self, diagnose his world, and frame his goals, and to analyze their implications and force in relationship to the available discourses of his time. I aim to write a “Marat” consonant with a discursive approach to the study of political culture and attuned to contemporary interest in the genealogy of terror.

Conference organized by D. Alexandre, V. Gély, C. Martin (U. Paris-Sorbonne), and R. Morrissey (U. of Chicago), with the support of the Paris IAS
08 Jun 2017 09:30 -
08 Jun 2017 18:00,
Paris :
La Gloire littéraire
Workshop in honor of K. Baker, 2015-2016 Paris IAS fellow
03 Feb 2017 15:00 -
04 Feb 2017 17:30,
Stanford :
Colloque organisé par F. Tarragoni (Université Paris Diderot), avec le soutien de l'IEA de Paris
04 May 2016 09:00 -
04 May 2016 18:30,
Paris :
Les révolutions comme discontinuités. Subjectivités, changements politiques et émancipations
Communication de K. Baker (résident de l'IEA de Paris)
28 Apr 2016 17:00 -
28 Apr 2016 19:00,
Coventry :
Jean-Paul Marat: Prophet of Paris
Communication de K. Baker (résident de l'IEA de Paris)
27 Apr 2016 17:00 -
27 Apr 2016 19:00,
Oxford :
Jean-Paul Marat: Prophet of Paris
20 Apr 2016 17:00 -
20 Apr 2016 19:00,
Vienne :
Looking for Revolution in the Data Pool: Some Observations from CESTA at Stanford
Communication de K. Baker (résident de l'IEA de Paris)
20 Apr 2016 10:00 -
20 Apr 2016 12:00,
Vienne :
Writing Rights/Scripting Revolution
Atelier de recherche organisé par K. Baker, C. Walton (résidents de l'IEA de Paris), et A. Lilti (EHESS)
11 Mar 2016 09:00 -
11 Mar 2016 18:00,
Paris :
From Enlightenment to Revolution: Rethinking the Debate
Modern period (1492-1789)
Western Europe