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The World Pandemic Research Network & the societal impacts of Covid

09 sep 2020 08:30 - 09:00

More than 1100 Research initiatives have now been submitted to WPRN, the World Pandemic Research Network, set up in April 2020 by the Paris IAS and the RFIEA, with the support of the French Ministry of Research, Higher Education and Innovation.

A true innovation at the service of the international scientific community, WPRN is an interactive platform that lists research and research resources on the societal and human impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Transdisciplinary, WPRN is aimed primarily at the human and social sciences, which are on the front line in helping our societies to face the wave of socio-economic crisis that has resulted and prepare for "the world after".

These research projects & initiatives, coming from all over the world, and listed by discipline and geographical area, offer a real-time vision of what is happening and being done in the world.

Some analyses of this database have already been conducted, and are the subject of thematic briefing notes to be read here :
Memorandum 1: On social distancing
Memorandum 2 : On tracking tools
Memorandum 3: On the impact of Covid-19 on the student population
Memorandum 4: Covid-19 and Teleworking
Memorandum 5: Covid-19 and Employment
Memorandum 6: Covid-19 and Gender inequalities
Memorandum 7: Covid-19 and the Media
Memorandum 8: Covid-19 and Politics
Memorandum 9: Covid-19 and Environment
Memorandum 10: Covid-19 and Food
Memorandum 11: Covid-19 and Inequalities
Memorandum 12: Fighting Covid-19
Memorandum 13: Vaccination resistance
Memorandum 14: Science in public debate

These memorandums provide the Paris IAS partners and institutional decision-makers with an international and forward-looking view of the social and economic issues related to COVID-19, and are a resource for innovative policies. Other notes are currently in preparation.

09 Sep 2020 09:00
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