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Sunni & Shii Memories: Remembering 1258 after 2003

15 mar 2022 10:00 - 13:00

Weekly seminar internal by Nassima Neggaz, Assistant Professor in Islamic Studies and Islamic History at New College of Florida, and 2021-2022 Paris IAS Fellow.

Communication discussed by Hugh Kennedy, professor of History at SOAS University of London.


This project is both a history of the 1258 Mongol conquest of Baghdad and a historiographical examination of the memories crafted over centuries around this major episode. It aims to fill a historiographical void in the history of pre-modern Iraq by providing a study on this event and its impact on the social, political, and culture life of Iraq and the Ilkhanate, as well as its long-term repercussions for Sunnis and Shi'a, particularly after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime in 2003.

Sunni & Shi‘i Memories: Remembering 1258 after 2003
01 September 2021 - 30 June 2022
15 Mar 2022 13:00
Nassima Neggaz
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