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The Paris IAS is looking for a Programme Officer for ICA4

27 aug 2021 09:40 - 30 sep 2021 09:40

The Paris Institute for Advanced Study is looking for a Programme Officer for the 4th edition of the Intercontinental Academia (ICA4)

About ICA

The Intercontinental Academia (ICA) creates a global network of future research leaders in which some of the very best young academics work together on paradigm-shifting, cross-disciplinary research, mentored by eminent researchers from across the globe.

ICA was brought to life by the coalition of University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study (UBIAS). Initiated in 2010, UBIAS counts 44 member institutes which, next to being international environments for exceptional research, contribute to the academic achievements of their respective home universities. The conference is one of the many projects through which UBIAS connects outstanding researchers from across the globe, championing intercultural awareness, mutual exchange, and innovation.

During the Intercontinental Academia, participants get together in three sessions over the course of one year. The experience is expected to transform the scholar's’ own approach to research, enhance their awareness of the work, relevance and potential impact of other disciplines, and to inspire and facilitate new collaborations between distant disciplines. The aim is to make a real, yet volatile, intellectual cocktail leading to meaningful exchange and long-lasting outputs.

Job description

See PDF (attached file) for the full description of the main responsibilities
Start date: September 2021.
Duration: 2 months at least, with a mandatory presence in Paris for the second half of October.
Please send your CV and a cover letter to: solene.debonis@paris-iea.fr

30 Sep 2021 09:40
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