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Processing Citizenship. On peopling ‘aliens’ for peopling ‘Europe’

16 mar 2017 15:30 - 16:15
Tate Modern’s Switch House

Talk by Annalisa Pelizza (Paris IAS fellow) during the workshop "Peopling ‘Europe’ through Data Practices", organized within the framework of the research project ARITHMUS (Peopling Europe: How data make a people)

About the workshop

Politically, ‘Europe’ has been unable to address itself to a constituted polity and people that are something more than an agglomeration of nation-states. From the resurgence of nationalisms to the crisis of the single currency and the unpreceded decision of a member state to leave the European Union, core questions about the future of ‘Europe’ have been rearticulated: Who are the people of ‘Europe’? Is there a ‘European’ identity? What does it mean to say ‘I am European’? Where does ‘Europe’ begin and end, and who can legitimately claim to be a part of a ‘European’ people? If ‘Europe’ is to be more than a geographical marker how might it be conceived as a polity?

More informations (project ARITHMUS' website)

Processing Governance. Co-production of citizens, territory and institutions
01 February 2017 - 30 June 2017
16 Mar 2017 16:15
Annalisa Pelizza
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Contemporary period (1789-…)
Western Europe
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