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Sense and Sensibility in 19th-Century Addiction

11 sep 2016 14:00 - 15:30
St Anne’s College
University of Oxford
Ruth Deech Building
Woodstock Road
Oxford, OX2 6HS, UK

Talk by Alessia Pannese (Paris IAS fellow) within the framework of the interdisciplinary conference "Medicine and Modernity in the Long Nineteenth Century", September 10th and 11th, at St Anne's College, Oxford University.


In this two day interdisciplinary conference, hosted by the ERC project Diseases of Modern Life: Nineteenth Century Perspectives, we will explore the phenomena of stress and overload, and other disorders associated with the problems of modernity in the long nineteenth century, as expressed in the literature, science, and medicine of the period. By tracing the connections drawn between physiological, psychological and social health, or disease in the era, we aim to offer new ways of contextualising the problems of modernity facing us in the twenty-first century. We are particularly interested in comparative perspectives on these issues from international viewpoints.

The ABC of Self-control: Aristotle, the Brain, and (un)Consciousness
01 September 2016 - 30 June 2017
11 Sep 2016 15:30
Alessia Pannese
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