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The Political Thought of the Marquis d’Argenson

13 mar 2014 11:30

Conference given by Andrew Jainchill, invited to the European Studies Research Seminars, orgagnized by the P.C. Hoofthuis te Amsterdam

Jainchills abstract luidt als volgt: “The marquis d’Argenson was an important eighteenth-century political thinker and politician who was widely read in his own day (most famously by Rousseau), but has remained surprisingly neglected by historians of eighteenth-century France. Using both his published and unpublished writings, I will analyze d’Argenson’s ideas for reforming the French monarchy and discuss their place in the development of eighteenth-century French political thought.

De lezing vindt plaats in het kader van de European Studies Research Seminars.

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01 October 2013 - 30 June 2014
30 June 2014
13 Mar 2014 11:30
Andrew Jainchill
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Modern period (1492-1789)
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