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Thinking with Computers: Opportunities and Challenges

01 mar 2022 11:00 - 12:00
Collège de France
Site Marcelin-Berthelot
Salle 5
11, place Marcelin-Berthelot
75005 Paris

Seminar by Jim Hollan organized by the Collège de France as part of the series on "Reimagining our Interaction with the Digital World"

For far too long we have conceived of thinking as something that happens exclusively in the head.Thinking happens in the world as well as the head. We think with things, with our bodies, with marks onsurfaces, and with other people. Increasingly, we think with computers. Computers are now ubiquitous and embedded in virtually every new device and system, ranging from the omnipresent cellphone to the complex web of socio-technical systems that pervade and shape modern life. For good and for ill, they connect our activities to ever-expanding information resources with previously unimaginable computational power.
Drawing on Hollan's past research on understanding complex dynamic systems, zoomable multiscale interfaces, paper augmented digital documents, multitouch interfaces, activity visualization, and human-centered information space design... this seminar wil be the place to discuss opportunities and challenges of interacting with the digital world with a focus on the fundamental importance of understanding human activity as a basis for designing cognitively principled interactions to reshape not only the way we use but how we think with computers.

Free Entrance. No registration needed.
More information: https://www.college-de-france.fr/site/wendy-mackay/seminar-2022-03-01-11h00.htm

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James Hollan
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