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Neighborhoods in Times of Crisis

17 jun 2021 16:00 - 18:00

Round table organized by Shannon Fogg, professor of History in the Department of History & Political Science at Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA, and Paris IAS Fellow.

Session open to the public with registration (see form at the bottom of the page).


Neighborhoods can be a source of solidarity or a site of exclusion (and both at the same time) during times of crisis. What can studying different crisis periods (the Second World War, November Attacks, COVID-19 pandemic) tell us about neighbors and their relationships within the Parisian city space? The participants will discuss ways in which these crisis periods reinforce social relationships or create divisions.

« Un quartier dans la tourmente. L’îlot 16 dans le Marais, 1900-1980 »
By Isabelle Backouche, EHESS-CRH

« Espace urbain et persécution des Juifs à Paris sous l’Occupation : Le cas des quartiers Arts-et-Métiers et Enfants-Rouges »
By Maël Le Noc, PhD student, Department of Geography, Texas State University

« Chroniques d’un quartier. Bataclan, Paris, 2015-2016 »
By Sarah Gensburger, CNRS – ISP – Université Paris Nanterre

« L’étonnante stabilité des échanges de service dans le voisinage pendant le confinement »
By Joanie Cayouette-Remblière, Ined

Moderation by Shannon Fogg.

17 June 2021, 16:00 - 18:00
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01 February 2021 - 30 June 2021
17 Jun 2021 18:00
Shannon Fogg
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