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Gabor Sonkoly

University of Budapest, Hungary
Historic Urban Landscape – A Critical Analysis of the Birth of a Recent Term (1976-2011)
01 October 2012 -
30 June 2013

Gábor Sonkoly, born in 1969, is an historian. He was Candidate of Sciences (CSc) at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1998, and earned his PhD from EHESS in 2000, as well as his Habilitation from Budapest’s Eötvös Loránd University in 2008. He is the Director of the Department of European Historiography and Social Sciences at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), a department founded by EHESS in 1988, and is Vice Director of the History Institute at ELTE. He is the Scientific Coordinator of the European Master’s programme “TEMA” Erasmus Mundus. He has also written or edited seven books and presented at a hundred international colloquia. He has received fellowships from several international foundations and institutions, and has been a visiting professor at several universities. He is a Knight of the Order of Academic Palms (2011) and has received the Palládium Prize (2011) and the Antal Cziráky Prize (2012).

Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) is afairly new term that has gained significance in UNESCO debates, and, accordingly, in hundreds of urban sites related to World Heritage Protection, although its conceptual analysisis still missing.

In my research,I will carry out a conceptual analysis of HUL: 1) to analyse its  prehistory (1976-2005), which is part of the development of the World Heritage notion regarding the complex relationship between tangible and intangible heritage;

2) to determine the main conceptual differences between the historic urban area of the1970s/1980 sand the historic urban landscape of the 2000s, both describing the same urban territory; 3) to place these differences in the post-turn development of the disciplines that are meant to describe urbanc entres (i.e. urban history, urban and cultural geography, urban sociology,urban studies). 4) Since there are only two European examples of urban World Heritage sites that were defined not as urban areas,but as urban landscapes before 2005 (Budapest in 1987 and Paris in 1991), the results of the conceptual analysis of HUL will be evaluated  by  the  changing  representation  of  these  two  city  centres  perceived  as  World Heritagesites.

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