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Helena Larsson

Kristianstad University, Sweden
Unravelling existential suffering and its relation to depression in older adults: EXIST-well in nursing homes (CAT Program)
14 November 2022 -
18 November 2022
Medicine Pharmacy

Helena Larsson defended her PhD in care science in March 2020 at Malmö University at the Faculty of Health and Society, Sweden. Her thesis is part of the project ‘Existential Loneliness – a challenge in the care of frail older people’ – the LONE study. Her doctoral project focused on significant others' perceptions and experiences of existential loneliness. Currently, she conducts postdoctoral studies at Kristianstad University, Sweden, within the LONE study regarding care context and existential support. The postdoctoral studies are combined with supervision of master students on projects that deal with loneliness and existential needs. Her main interests are loneliness, person-centred care, elderly care, and palliative care.

In November 2021, she joins the Paris IAS as part of the CAT program.

Research Interests

Existential loneliness, existential needs, frail older adults, elderly care, palliative care, significant other, care context, person-centredness.

The ageing of the world's population is accompanied by an increase in comorbidities and disabilities. This leads to the need for long-term care in nursing homes, which report alarming levels of depressive symptomatology. Professionals in these institutions also report existential difficulties experienced by their residents.
No studies are currently available on the subject. This interdisciplinary project therefore fills this gap by clarifying the relationship between geriatric depressive symptoms and existential concerns, with the aim to develop the psycho-educational training of nursing home care professionals.