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Michel Al-Maqdissi

Directorate General of Antiquities and Museum, Damascus, Syria
Damascus National Museum, Syria
Marks From the Past, Traces of Everyday Life. Syrian Pottery Production in the Bronze Age
01 November 2012 -
31 July 2013

Michel Al-Maqdissi holds a PhD from the Sorbonne in Oriental Archaeology (1994). He currently teaches oriental archaeology and Phoenician civilisation at the University of Damascus and at the Saint Joseph University in Beirut. Since 2000, he has directed Excavations and Archaeological Studies at the General Department of Antiquities and Museums of Syria. In 1984, he directed his first archaeological project in southern Syria, before undertaking two major archaeological projects in Tell Sianu (1990) and Mishirfeh-Qatna (1994), aimed at studying Syrian cities in the second and third millennia BCE. He has published the bulk of his archaeological research in three series of articles: Notes on Syrian Ceramology, Notes on Levantine Archaeology, and Material for the Study of the City in Syria. In Damascus, he has founded a newspaper (Studia Orontica) and a collection (Syrian Archaeology Documents) to publicise recent research in several languages (Arabic, French, and English). He is also working on a conception of the archaeologist’s decisive role in shaping a human viewpoint (Archaeology and Humanism, Syrian Essays, Damascus, 2012). Lastly, he is interested in literature and ethno-archaeology, and has published a volume of poetry that takes a nostalgic look at an archaeologist’s life (Little Stories from Qatna, Damascus, 2010).

A study of a pottery collection from the Bronze Age (3000-1200 BC) preserved in the Near Eastern Department of the National Museum of Damascus. The intent of this work is to present a general corpus from the Early Bronze, Middle Bronze, and Late Bronze Ages in Western Syria associate with a typology in close relation to a precise stratigraphical context. To produce this study, the author worked through a series of pottery types taken from six sites situated in coastal (Tell Sianu, Tell Iris and Qal'a er-Russ) and inner Syria (Mishirfeh, Tell Sh'eirat and Tell Sakka).Ongoing analyses of this collection are aimed at making a new interpretation of the historical and archaeological evidence in order to put forth a sound typology of local production.

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