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Olga Danilova

Ural Federal University
Influence of Collectors and their Collections in the Circulation of Knowledge, and in fostering franco-russian relationships related to humanities (from mid-19th century to early 1920).
01 September 2015 -
08 March 2016

Olga Danilova leads the scientific programs of the French history, litterature and arts Center, in the Institute of humanities of Art at Ural federal university. She is associate researcher at University Paris Diderot ‘s laboratory «Identités, Cultures, Territoires». She won the Onesime award (2011) of the Russian Sverdlovsk region, and received a honoris causa diploma of the Sverdlovsk region legislative assembly.

Research interests

Cultural and intellectual franco-russian relations (late 19th - early 20th c.); History of French influence in Ural; History of French slavism.

Key Publications

Le groupe de l’abbé Fernand Portal et la Russie (1903-1919) ; Les Français dans la vie scientifique et intellectuelle russe (XVIIIe–XXe siècles), 2010.

Pierre Pascal, sa formation spirituelle et intellectuelle. Les témoignages des archives françaises, La Russie et la France: XVIIIe–XXe siècles, 2011.

Jules Legras et la polémique sur la colonisation à la fin du XIXe siècle; L’invention de la Sibérie par les voyageurs et écrivains français (XVIIIe-XIXe siècles), Institut d'études slaves, 2014.

Since the middle of the 19th century, many French citizens had been in contact with the Russian scientific world through the academic missions. These field scholars enabled the sharing of knowledge, experience and ideas between France and Russia. Among all the academic researchers of that time, the name of Baron Joseph de Baye stood out. During his 30 years in Russia the scientific interests of this archaeologist, ethnographer, historian, writer, collector and popularizer were boundless. J. de Baye played a big part in developing Franco-Russian cultural ties without any official or academic post. Thanks to his travels and donations, French library and museum’s collections were enriched or even created. The research project offers a fresh approach to J. de Baye’s biography, collections and archive funds. It explores the generation of knowledge between France and Russia and the evolution of such terms as discipline and heritage.

Journée d'étude organisée par O. Danilova (résidente de l'IEA de Paris)
02 Mar 2016 10:00 -
02 Mar 2016 13:00,
Paris :
Circulation des collections à l'épreuve des conflits et des guerres (XIXe-XXe s.)
16 Jan 2016 14:30 -
16 Jan 2016 15:30,
Châlons-en-Champagne :
Yolande de Baye (1887-1970), première Française légionnaire avec traitement (2)
Communication d'Olga Danilova, résidente de l'IEA de Paris
21 Nov 2015 14:05 -
21 Nov 2015 12:35,
Epernay :
Les de Baye, une famille marnaise dans la tourmente de la Guerre

Journée d'étude internationale organisée par Olga Danilova (résidente de l'IEA de Paris), avec le soutien du laboratoire ICT, Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7
Contemporary period (1789-…)
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