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Sarah Kirchberger

Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University (ISPK)
China’s blue economy and Europe’s industrial future
01 March 2020 -
31 May 2020
Political science

Sarah Kirchberger holds a doctorate in sinology from the University of Hamburg - Germany and is  the Head of the Center for Asia-Pacific Strategy and Security at the Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University (ISPK)

In March 2020, she joined the RFIEA program of Chinese studies.

Research topics:

Maritime Security in the Asia-Pacific, Development of China’s Armed Forces, Territorial conflict in East and Southeast Asia, Transnational arms production

The blue economy accounts for 10% of China's GDP. The Chinese government has leadership projects in high-tech shipping and deep-sea resource exploitation. China's marine energy development strategy focuses on offshore oil and gas exploitation, offshore wind power generation and ocean wave power generation. The Chinese giants are also involved in a series of purchases of foreign ports, including in Europe.

The activities of this Chinese blue economy affect European interests in that they run the risk of seeing European industries squeezed out (high-end shipbuilding such as luxury cruise ships, LNG propulsion).

On the issue of Chinese competition, President Macron has also decided to temporarily nationalise STX France to prevent a transfer of technology to China through the Fincantieri JV; Germany also wants to work with France to create a Franco-German engine to support Europe's blue economy.

This research project aims to analyse the strategies of major players in the Chinese business world such as COSCO, China Merchants Group - the new entity resulting from the announced merger of the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) - and the China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC).

Contemporary period (1789-…)
Eastern Asia