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Tatiana Theodoropoulou

University of Thessaly
Taming the sea: the marine animal world in the everyday life and spirit of aegean societies
01 September 2015 -
29 February 2016

Tatiana Theodoropoulou is post-doctoral researcher in environmental archaeology at the University of Thessaly, focused on the reconstruction of human-sea interaction in the past. She completed a three-year research on fishing activities and marine identity in the Greek world at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. She is an associate researcher in several international excavations and research projects in Greece, engaged in the study of aquatic faunal remains from Prehistory to the Late Antiquity and is the author of several articles devoted to the reconstruction of past environments, fishing communities and fishing strategies, ancient dietary practices, the sea in the crafts, arts and beliefs of Aegean cultures.

Research interests

Archeology, archeozoology, ichthyology; aquatic environments in Aegean period.

Key publications

Searching for the sea: the exploitation of marine resources in Late Bronze Age Aegean. Special Issue, Talanta 44, 2012.
Re-investigating fish consumption in Greek antiquity: results from fish bone collage, with E. Vika, Journal of Archaeological Science, 2012.
The quest for prehistoric meals: integrating stable isotope analysis, archaeobotany and zooarchaeology towards an understanding of past diets in the Aegea, (co-auth.), Pharos, 2013.
Fishing (in) Aegean seascapes: early Aegean fishermen and their world, Monographs of the Danish Institute at Athens 14, 2011.

The sea as a vast and imposing physical element that constitutes the heart of the Aegean world has triggered various cultural responses towards seascapes through time. Among various interactions with the sea, the exploitation of marine resources by people that have lived around the Aegean from prehistoric times onwards is a constant theme. The aim of this research project is to bring forward the importance of the marine world in the subsistence, economy, art and spirit of ancient Greek communities in a diachronic perspective. The project aims to produce a condense synthesis of all available data on the exploitation of the sea in the Aegean offered by different disciplines in the humanities and other sciences. Especially, the increasing dataset offered by science-applied archaeology (zooarchaeology, isotope analysis, archaeochemistry, etc.) complements thus far available evidence offered by traditional approaches (archaeology, ancient art and philology), and leads to meaningful ways of integrating old and recent knowledge. The output of this project will be a book (in French, published in Editions CNRS) that re-writes the origins and history of marine exploitation in the Aegean in an explicit way in order to appeal both to a range of scholars working in various fields, to students and to the wider public.

13 Dec 2020 22:45 -
13 Dec 2020 22:50,
Two Fellows receive a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council
26 Apr 2017 20:15 -
26 Apr 2017 21:45,
Neuchâtel :
Apprivoiser la mer : les animaux marins dans le quotidien et l'imaginaire des sociétés égéennes de l'Antiquité
Workshop organized by T. Theodoropoulou (ArScAn-UMR 7041) and H. Procopiou-Abbès (U. Paris 1), with the support of the Paris IAS
21 Apr 2017 09:00 -
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Ritualizing the sea: aspects of ritual activities related to the sea in the Aegean from the 12th century to the 6th century B.C.
Antiquity (3500 BCE – 476 CE)
North Africa, Middle East