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Claudine Moulin, "Albert Ölinger", dans Wilhelm Kühlmann et al. (éd.), Frühe Neuzeit in Deutschland 1520-1620. Literaturwissenschaftliches Verfasserlexikon [The Literature of the Early Modern Era in Germany 1520–1620. Dictionary of Authors] vol. 4., Berlin / Boston, De Gruyter, p. 621-625.

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The literature of the 16th century was marked by intellectual tensions, the severity of which can hardly be exaggerated. These were characterized by a diversity of forms and interests, which brought to the fore an exceptionally broad spectrum of groups of authors and readers: scholars and Meistersänger, theologians of all shades of opinion between orthodoxy and heresy, publicists, Paracelsists, Latin poets, municipal and school dramatists as well as popular storytellers with national resonance.

The Dictionary of Authors ‘The Early Modern Era in Germany 1520-1620’ covers this extraordinarily colorful literary landscape between the Reformation and the Thirty Years’ War in a very reliable and representative way. With more than 500 articles and several indices it not only brings together scattered pieces of specialized research, but often enough investigates this complex literary heritage, presenting the findings here for the first time.

Well-known names such as Fischart, Frischlin, Sachs and Wickram are taken into account as well as anonymous works of world literature, such as the so-called Faust book. Altogether the aim is to make visible the actual dimensions of literary life between 1520 and 1620 beyond what is commonly known and beyond the German-Latin language boundary. Hence, this dictionary of authorsis a meaningful addition to the preceding dictionaries on German literature of the Middle Ages and on German Humanism (1480-1520), giving readers a wide perspective as it leads them into the crisis zone of the beginning modern age.

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