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Blending in Cartoons: The Production of Comedy


Monika Fludernik, "Blending in Cartoons: The Production of Comedy", dans Zunshine, Lisa, The Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Literary Studies, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2015, 680 p.


Blends have usually been regarded as a type of metaphor. However, Mark Turner in his recent work and also in his presentations uses quite a few cartoons by way of illustration. In such examples, it is the incongruity in the blend that results in the comic reception of the cartoon. The chapter analyzes how blending combines assimilation with incongruity. It also discusses the incongruity of picture and subscript in cartoons and considers to what extent the linguistic elements of a cartoon are part of the blending mechanism or a mere juxtaposition of different media. The chapter therefore engages with the theory of the comic and with the cartoon as a genre from a cognitive perspective, but it also aims at refining our understanding of blending as a mechanism and a strategy of signification with reference to visuality and the combination of visual and textual media.

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The Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Literary Studies considers, via a variety of methodologies and combinations of interdisciplinary approaches, how the architecture that enables human cognitive processing interacts with cultural and historical contexts. Organized into five parts (Narrative, History, Imagination; Emotions and Empathy; The New Unconscious; Empirical and Qualitative Studies of Literature; and Cognitive Theory and Literary Experience), the volume uses case studies from a wide range of historical periods (from the fourth century BCE to the twenty-first century) and national literary traditions (including South Asian, postcolonial anglophone and francophone, Chinese, Japanese, English, Iranian, Russian, Italian, French, German, and Spanish).

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