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Capital claims: Power and Global Finance


Kai Koddenbrock, Benjamin Braun (Eds), Capital claims: Power and Global Finance, Routledge (RIPE Studies in Global Political Economy) , 2022, 282 p.


Capital Claims: Power and Global Finance analyses how global financialized capitalism operates and reproduces itself, exploring the remarkable ability of the financial sector to maintain its dominance through even the most severe economic crises.

The book defines international financialization as a process by which the number and value, the tradability, and the enforceability of cross-border financial claims increase and are successfully defended against competing social or political agendas. By focusing on financial claims, the volume develops a conceptual toolkit for the study of the political economy of global finance and the inequalities it sustains. The book brings together leading researchers whose work is geared towards opening the black box of cross-border finance.

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01 February 2021 - 30 June 2021
Kai Koddenbrock
Kai Koddenbrock, Benjamin Braun