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How to change consumer behaviours


Lahlou Saadi, "How to change consumer behaviours" In Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, 2023, vol. 82, n°1, p. 80-90.



Changing consumer behaviour has potential benefits for health, the economy and the environment. Change is possible, and behavioural change has been the purpose of much research; nevertheless we can still observe limited success, as in the case of food in public policies or individual diets. One reason is that models driving behavioural change interventions tend to neglect some important contextual factors. The three layers of components that channel behaviour (‘installations’ in the material, embodied and social realms) are described here and how this channelling can be hacked, modified and leveraged to foster behavioural change. Installations scaffold and control individual and collective behaviour at each step of the behavioural path with their three-layered and partly redundant structure. This redundancy makes the channelling resilient enough to train novices and to guide and repair behaviour. The three layers, physical affordances, embodied competences and social regulation are described in detail. To change eating behaviour, installations must be adapted at all steps of behaviour, from procurement to storage, preparation, meal and disposal. This adaptation can be done through the various layers in an opportunistic way, according to the agency of those who endeavour to change behaviour (e.g. budget, time, political power, etc.) Finally the steps necessary to design behavioural change interventions leveraging installations are listed.

Context and actuation of selves: an empirical investigation
24 February 2014 - 24 December 2014
Saadi Lahlou
Saadi Lahlou