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Philippe Rochat

Emory University, Atlanta
Identity, prejudice, and duplicity in development
01 October 2014 -
31 December 2014

Philippe Rochat is Professor of Psychology at Emory University in Atlanta and the head of the Emory Infant and Child Laboratory. His research focuses on the developmental origins of human self-awareness and social cognition in infants and children growing up in different social and cultural circumstances. Aside from many book chapters and research articles in major psychology journals, his books include The Self in Infancy, Elsevier, 1995); Early Social Cognition (Erlbaum/Psychology Press, 1999); The Infant's World (Harvard University Press, 2001, translated in 5 languages), Others in Mind (Cambridge University Press, 2009), and more recently Origins of Possession: Owning and sharing in development (2014, Cambridge University Press).

With a special issue and a new book project in mind, Rochat’s current project at the Paris IEA is to re-visit with colleagues from various disciplines in the human sciences the origins of social biases, ostracism, and in particular lying. The idea is to launch an up to date interdisciplinary exploration around the topic of Lying and Confession (“Mensonge et Aveu”). The aim of his 2014-2015 Paris IEA residency project co-sponsored with La Maison des Sciences de l’Homme is to shed a new interdisciplinary light on human exacerbated propensity toward duplicity. It will bring together philosophers, historians, artists, jurists, psychoanalysts, neuroscientists, as well as clinical, social, and developmental psychologists to discuss and provide their views on the topic.

Journée d'étude interdisciplinaire organisé par Philippe Rochat, résident à l'IEA de Paris
01 Jun 2015 09:00 -
01 Jun 2015 18:00,
Paris :
Mensonge et aveu
Journée d'étude organisée par Philippe Rochat, résident de l'IEA de Paris
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