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Res Publica, vol. 26, issue 4


Fives Allyn, Hiruta Kei, « Moral Conflict and Political Obligation in (Highly) Non-ideal Conditions » in Res Publica 26:4, 2020, pp. 481–487


This special issue takes up the debate on moral conflict and political obligation, and directs it towards a number of issues that are currently of particular importance. Firstly, while it is generally agreed that we may be faced with moral conflicts, there remains considerable controversy concerning the significance, both theoretical and practical, of any such experience. This is evident from the very different answers given to a number of key questions: Are moral conflicts real? How are we to resolve moral conflicts? Are we at least occasionally required to make a groundless decision to respond to a moral conflict? If so, can some options be still considered better or more reasonable than others? And does the experience of moral conflict indicate a limit point for moral and political theory?

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Kei Hiruta
Kei Hiruta, Allyn Fives