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Sara Galletti

Duke University
Practice into Theory: Philibert Delorme, the Premier tome de l’architecture (1567), and the Profession of Architecture in Early Modern France
01 January 2016 -
04 February 2016
Architecture and spatial planning

Associate Professor at Duke University, Sara Galletti received a joint Ph.D. in the History of Architecture and Urbanism from the Université de Paris IV–Sorbonne and the Università IUAV of Venice. She was a lecturer in Florence Italy at the British Institute and the New Yorh university. She received in 2012 the Bruno Zevi Special Mention for an essay in the history of architecture, from the Bruno Zevi Foundation.

Research interests

History and theory of sixteenth-and seventeenth-century architecture in France; Maria de Medici; Early modern architecture ; history of the profession of architecture.

Key publications

Marie de Médicis et le Palais du Luxembourg, 1611–1631, éditions Picard, Paris, 2012.

Female Agency and Early Modern Urbanism: the Paris of Maria de' Medici, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 71 n. 2, 2012 Rubens’s Life of Maria de' Medici: Dissimulation and the Politics of Art in Early Seventeenth-Century France, Renaissance Quarterly, 2014.

The proposed project analyses the connections between architectural theory and practice in fifteenth- to seventeenth-century France. The project focuses on Philibert Delorme’s architectural treatise, the Premier tome de l’architecture (1567), in relation to: early modern architectural theory across Europe; French practice in the late medieval and early modern times and the modes of transmission of architectural knowledge before (and aside from) theory; and the emergence of a new professional figure of the architect as construed in early modern theoretical discourse across Europe and as experienced in French early modern practice.


Conférence de Sara Galletti, résidente à l'IEA de Paris, dans le cadre du cycle de conférences "Paris sous le règne des Bourbons".
05 Jan 2016 18:00 -
05 Jan 2016 19:30,
Paris :
Le Palais du Luxembourg de Marie de Médicis, 1611-1631
Cycle de conférences organisé dans le cadre des Mardis de Lauzun par l'IEA de Paris
Modern period (1492-1789)
Western Europe