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Zekeria Ahmed Salem

University of Nouakchott, Mauritania
Living and Challenging the Legacy of Slavery in Africa and in the Contemporary Muslim World – Comparative Approach from the Case of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania
01 January 2012 -
30 June 2012

Dr. Zekeria Ahmed Salem is Professor of Political Science at the University of Nouakchott, Mauritania. He earned a PhD in Political Science from University of Lyon 2, Institute of Political Studies, France (1996). His current research focuses on Islam, social transformations, ethnicity and social hierarchies in Africa and the Muslim world. His forthcoming book will be published by early 2012 with Karthala (Paris) and is tentatively entitled: Preaching in the Desert. Religious Authority, Violence and Social Change in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

Research stay co-funded by the University Agency of the Francophony

This project aims to an exploration of the various ways in which the legacy of slavery is altogether experienced and challenged in contemporary Africa and the Muslim world. It draws mainly on a particular case study focused on The Islamic Republic of Mauritania, a small country straddling sub-Saharan and North Africa. However, my aim is to use that case in order to address in a comparative fashion the interwoven issues of unfree labor, subjectivity and personhood in diverse settings including in the Afro-Muslim world. This research can prove even more interesting in re-thinking the process underlying the emergence of the conceptual and legal of modern-day slavery and its ambiguities.

Talk by Zekeria Ahmed Salem (Paris IAS fellow)
02 Feb 2012 16:00 -
02 Feb 2012 18:00,
Paris :
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