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Watch again the workshop "Memory, Place, and Material Culture"

IEA de Paris

Workshop organised by John Sutton (Macquarie University, Australia, and Paris IAS)


If remembering and feeling, designing and decision-making are situated as well as embodied processes, then cognition can have material and ecological components. Our mental lives may be partly constituted by places – landscapes, built environments, neighbourhoods – and by artifacts. This workshop examines relations between memory, place, and material culture. Our topics include maps and spatial cognition, tools and devices in wayfinding and memory, mental health and the city, difficult places and historically burdened heritage, and spatial disruptions of memory. Speakers draw on evidence from archaeology, architecture, art, neuroscience, performance, philosophy, and sociology, opening up new questions about the nature of bodily and affective orientation as people navigate places and the past together.

Videos of the workshop:








Paula REAVEY, Spatial markings and memory: mental health and institutional space


Roberto CASATI, The cognitive life of maps


Mike WHEELER, The invisible and the visible: building, dwelling, and authenticity